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the next time a heteronormative person tries to invalidate your aromanticism, just be like “you can’t really know that you’re not bi if you’re never slept with someone of your same gender can you?????” then walk away while flipping them off without looking


handy dandy way to be affectionate without ppl questioning ur romantic identity: no romo.
-i want to hold your hand no romo
- i want to kiss u no romo
- i love u so much NO ROMO


No one ever told me
it was okay not to.

No one ever told me
as we watched the movies
displaying dancing girls in
designer dresses
that it was okay
not to have someone
to dance with.

No one ever told me
that alone does not mean lonely
and that just because you are an only
doesn’t mean
you matter any

No one ever told me
sometimes when we walk
among starlight
our path is a solitary one.

No one ever told me
that the images
of what my life would be like
without a Significant Other
(as if somehow I was the Insignificant
one without them)
the images of
one-ness drenched in conversations
with one’s self
(where else does one-ness
come from)
the images of taunts and
curses crying
‘you’re going to die
sad and
were wrong.

No one ever told me
that you do not need
that fabled other half
that Eve without Adam
was still whole
(Juliet minus
was breathing
and what does that say

No one ever told me
it was okay to fall
in love
(as if ‘love’
meant merely
on my own terms
and if
I was

No one ever told me
it was okay to fall
in love
in no way
like they do
in the movies
on the shining silver screens.

No one ever told me
it was okay

-Life On The Aromantic Spectrum - frostlawyer (via frostlawyer)


Ace and aro spectrum kids are cuties. 


I wanna make an asexual resources masterpost with a bunch of blogs that are devoted to ace awareness education and humor.

Reblog this if you’d find this at all helpful or want to be on this list and ill contact you with further info if there’s enough interest.

Woo! I would LOVE that! \(^o^)/


"u cant ship 3 ppl together"

polyamory exists u know

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